Why Can't I Get to Pricefalls?

Why can't I get to Pricefalls?

If you are reading this article it is likely that your browser has experienced a conflict with Pricefalls' security protocol.  The main reason behind a user being blocked will be a third-party browser plugin blocking the JavaScript of Pricefalls.

Does that sound boring AND confusing? Don't sweat it! This is likely a simple issue that can be fixed with the click of a button.

  • Look for a pop-up that asks you to "Allow" or "Temporarily allow" JavaScript on
  • Complete the "CAPTCHA" that was provided. This is just a precaution to ensure that you aren't an evil robot programmed only for world domination.

For more information on what "CAPTCHA" is, please visit the following Knowledge Base article:


HTTP 400 Error Page: Bad Request

What does this mean? Well, it could mean quite a few different things that are just as complicated as the previous error, lucky for you, there is another easy solution!

  • Try clearing your browser cookies (please don't throw away any cookies you may have in your cupboard, these are different).

Here are some links which provide directions on clearing your cookies with some of the popular web browsers.


Why is a plugin causing me to get blocked?

You may be using Google's "Data Saver" extension in your Chrome browser.  Try turning it off so that you can get to Pricefalls.  Here is how you can do it:

For disabling the plugin in the Chrome browser on your computer:

  • Click the Data Saver icon in the menu bar
  • Choose Turn Off Data Saver.

For disabling the plugin in the Chrome browser on your Android device:

  • Open the Chrome app.
  • Tap  and then Settings.
  • Under Advanced, tap Data Saver.
  • Switch the setting to Off.
  • If all else fails, disable all of your browser extensions temporarily.

If you have any questions please contact Pricefalls Support at 1-866-503-9799 ext. 1



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