Variation Listings Using A Datafeed On Pricefalls

Pricefalls allows sellers to create variation listings using a datafeed very easily. Products can have a size or color variant that customers are able to select when shopping. Each sku will still have its own individual data, so all you need to do is identify which products should be grouped by adding a unique identifier for each product in its own column of your datafeed. For example, you could use "GROUPSKU1" as the unique identifier for each product that you want to be listed together. Then, just map this column in the Datafeed Manager on step two, Feed Mapper, under the section labeled "Item Group ID/SKU:".


Using just the title and the Group SKU column in the example below, the first five products, Boblbee GT, would have variation drop downs shown on Pricefalls, directly below the price, that allows customers to select the exact color or size they are looking for. The Cargo Net doesn't have any variant listings, and should be left blank as shown. Lastly, the Dirt Covers will also have the variation drop downs shown on Pricefalls.


If you need any assistance creating variation listings on Pricefalls, please contact our Merchant Support team by emailing

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