Allow API access for PayPal on Pricefalls

Pricefalls may make API calls on your behalf and require you to grant third-party API permissions. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Select Profile > Profile and settings
  3. Click My selling tools
  4. Click Update next to API access
  5. Click Grant API permission
  6. Enter our Third Party Permission Username:
  7. Click Lookup to validate the username and get a list of permissions to be granted.
  8. Each e-commerce product will give you a list of permissions to be granted.
  9. Check “Use Express Checkout to process payments”.
    • Check “Issue a refund for a specific transaction”.
    • Check “Obtain information about a single transaction”.
    • Check “Accept or deny a pending transaction”.
    • Check “Use Express Checkout to process mobile payments”.
  10. Click Add.
Note: You don't need to grant third-party permissions to your own API, as you already have full permission.
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