Daily, Hourly or Manual Order Exports

Order files can be scheduled to deliver daily or hourly, via email or to FTP. Manually exporting order exports is also available. To view the fields we pass in our order exports, please download our template here: Order Export Template Download

Manual Order Exports:

  • Orders can be export manually by logging into your Pricefalls seller account, selecting Export Orders from the left panel and requesting a report for your specified time frame.

Daily Order Exports:

  • Daily files deliver each day at midnight CST.

Hourly Order Exports:

  • Hourly files deliver each hour, at 5 minutes past the hour. However, the day's first order file is not delivered until an order has been placed. Once an order has been placed, a file is sent each hour. The last file of the day will be delivered at midnight, CST. The file is a building file. New orders occurring in the most recent hour are appended to the file. This means that the file will always contain ALL orders from the day.
  • The naming convention of the file can be dated, so that each new day creates a newly named file. Or the file can be a static name, overwriting the previous file on each upload.

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