How do I pause my account?

Pausing your account, otherwise known as "Vacation Mode", can be done directly from your Seller Dashboard. Before doing so, you will want to prepare by ensuring your account is ready to be paused.

  • You must not have any unshipped orders. All orders must be up to date before your storefront can be placed into vacation mode. You can view your unshipped orders here in your dashboard.

  • You must pause any inventory automation you may have setup. If you are using a datafeed, you can pause your daily schedule here and your hourly inventory schedule here. If you are using an integration partner which manages your inventory via API, you will want to disable product updates directly from your account with that service.

If automated inventory management options are not disabled, it is possible for your listings to go active while your storefront is in vacation mode. 

Once you are ready to set your account to vacation mode, you can find the option under your "Contact & Privacy" settings within your seller dashboard. The option will appear at the bottom of the page and you can toggle this on or off at any time. Once toggled, click "Save" and you will be all set. While your storefront is in vacation mode, your products will not be visible to customers and sales will not be generated. Please keep in mind that since you are able to turn vacation mode on and off at any time, this does not prevent your account from receiving invoices or being charged subscription fees.

Please note that returning from vacation mode will not automatically relist products or resume inventory automations. 

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