How do I set up a seller account?

To start a store on Pricefalls, go to and follow the on-screen instructions. You'll be set up in no time!


Step 1. General Information: Here you will enter your Store Title, Product Categories, and Store Description.

The categories selected on this step will only be used to assist customers with finding your store in the Store Directory. These categories do not affect your listings.


Step 2. Appearance: Here you will submit your Store Logo, Store Banner (Optional), and Store Awards/Badges (Optional). You can personalize and add credibility to your store by uploading an optional store banner or including award badges that you've earned on other sites.

Your store logo will appear in numerous locations throughout the marketplace. Your store banner and Awards/Badges will only appear on your Storefront.

Recommended Specs for Logo:

  • Recommended Resolution: 145px x 85px
  • Supported formats: jpg,png,gif

Recommended Specs for Banner:

  • Recommended Resolution: 968px x 210px
  • Supported formats: jpg,png,gif


Step 3. Contact: On this step you will set your controls for how Pricefalls and shoppers interact with you!

Make sure to provide your customers with ample opportunity to contact you directly. Please make sure to enter a valid mailing address and email address that you check regularly. Pricefalls will use these addresses to deliver important mail and notifications, such as your daily email order files.


Step 4. Policies: On this step you will set your Return, Shipping, and Warranty policies. These policies will be displayed to your customer and will govern your orders on Pricefalls.

Buyer confidence is important and accurate policies equip your customers with all the information they need to feel safe doing business with you. Pricefalls refers to the posted policies when helping with customer requests, such as shopping advice or the occasional return.


Step 5. Getting Paid. On this step you will set your payment gateway credentials and tax protocols. When orders are placed, you will be paid in the account designated on this page and taxes will be applied based on the states selected on this page. Here, you are able to select whether or not you want to tax shipping cost as well.

Pricefalls allows sellers to collect payment with PayPal or

  • If you select Paypal, you will need to supply the PayPal email address associated with your PayPal account. Customers will still be able to use credit or debit cards and you will receive the funds in your PayPal account.
  • If you select, you will need to enter your Transaction Key and Login ID. Customers will only be able to use debit or credit cards.
  • With both options selected, you will need to enter your PayPal email address and your Transaction Key and Login ID. In this scenario, when customers elect to pay with their paypal account, you will receive the funds through PayPal, however, when customers elect to pay with credit or debit card, you will receive the funds through


Step 6. Billing: On this step you will supply your billing information to Pricefalls. Your Credit Card information will solely be used to pay our monthly subscription ($49.99) and Final Value Fees. You will not be charged on this step of the store setup process. Your information is stored securely. For more information regarding our policies please see our Terms and Conditions.

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