My datafeed uploaded, but something is wrong! Where can I find information about my datafeed upload?

The Datafeed Results offers a detailed breakdown of your datafeed processing results, including update errors and other product related issues with your datafeed.

Datafeed Results can be found by following the steps below:

  • Login to your Pricefalls Account
  • Navigate to your Store Dashboard
  • Click Datafeed Results on the left hand navigation under the Products section.

Reviewing Your Results

i. Datafeed Processing Summary

The “Datafeed Processing Summary” provides the details of your datafeed upload. After selecting a datafeed upload to review, the section displays how many products were listed, how many products contained errors, and how many products could be improved.


ii. Recent Processing Results

The “Recent Processing Results” provides the processing reports of your past uploads. You can click on each upload and review the details from the “Datafeed Processing Summary”. This summary displays how many rows contained data, how many items were updated, and if the datafeed contained errors.

iii. Critical Datafeed Errors

“Critical Datafeed Errors” are shown in red and display below your processing results. Datafeed errors are provided by line number. To view the error, you must edit the datafeed that was loaded, and locate the error in the indicated row.

iv. Data Quality Issues

The “Data Quality Issues” section is displayed in yellow, below “Critical Datafeed Errors”. This section displays warnings that Pricefalls found within the uploaded datafeed. These warnings help identify areas of your datafeed that should be improved. You should review these warnings and correct them if possible.

v. Current Feed Settings

The “Current Feed Settings” section is located at the bottom of the “Datafeed Results” page. This section displays your update settings, including what datafeed will be processed and where it is pulled from. Review this section to make sure your datafeed is processing with the correct template, from the correct feed location. You can modify these settings by visiting “Datafeed Schedule”.


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