Improper Product Titles, Descriptions, Categories, and Images

Improper Capitalization

Pricefalls doesn't allow sellers to list items with titles or descriptions that use excessive or gimmicky capitalization. These guidelines also apply to promotional messages contained in your product listings.

The only exceptions are the following standard variations:

  • Capitalized trademarks, like "Pricefalls" or "MyCompany"
  • Capitalized company or product names, like "SanDeze"
  • Commonly inter capitalized words
  • Capitalizing the first letters of words, like "We Sell What You Need"
  • Capitalizing the first letter of a word after the first slash, like ""
  • Acronyms and initials (like "NASA" and "USA"), phone numbers (like "1-800-ABCDEFG"), or country and currency abbreviations (like "GB" or "USD")

*It's okay to capitalize the first letter of all the words.

Poor Punctuation and Misleading Symbols

Pricefalls doesn't allow sellers to list products that contain gimmicky or unnecessary punctuation or symbols in the item title or description, including promotional messages, like the following:

  • Including Exclamation mark(s) in the product listing title
  • Using more than one exclamation mark in the product listing text
  • Including repeated punctuation or symbols, like "Strong!!!"
  • Using symbols, numbers, and letters that don't adhere to their true meaning

Pricefalls does allow the following exceptions:

  • Punctuation and symbols that are being used as part of a organization's name or  to adhere to certain industry or language standards
  • Numbers used for product description or in the following cases: 24/7, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • Double dashes (--) and ellipses (...)

Inappropriate Repetition

Pricefalls does not allow sellers to list products with text that uses gimmicky repetition of words or phrases. For example, Pricefalls don't allow products that say “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet, Smelling Perfume".

Improper Spacing

Pricefalls doesn't allow sellers to list products with text that contains inappropriate spacing between words or punctuation, like the following:

  • Using extra spaces that make the text difficult to read
  • Including extra spaces between letters when used in a gimmicky fashion, like "P r i c e f a l l s"
  • Missing spaces between words or punctuation, like "HereNorThere"

Below are the exceptions that are allowed on the Marketplace:

  • Trademarked spacing
  • Extra spacing around punctuation, like "bats , bags , gloves"

Poor Grammar and Spelling

Pricefalls doesn't allow sellers to list products with incorrect grammar or misspellings in title or description.

Examples include:

  • Wrong words
  • Wrong verb tense
  • Incorrect subject-verb agreement
  • Misspellings

Relevance, Clarity, and Accuracy

On Pricefalls, all product listings must be relevant, clear, accurate, and descriptive of the products offered.


  • Product titles and descriptions shouldn't include additional details about free shipping, billing information, promotions, stock information or your store's policies.
  • Product titles and descriptions shouldn’t contain any promotional text, boilerplate text or simulate email inbox notifications.
  • Product titles and description can't use call-to-action phrases such as "click here" or "click +1" that could apply to any product listing, regardless of content.

Wrong Product Categorization

Pricefalls doesn't allow products to be listed in the wrong category. A list of the Pricefalls taxonomy can be found here.


Pricefalls doesn’t allow sellers to list products with the following types of improper images:

  • Placeholder or incorrect product images
  • Generic images, graphics, or illustrations that are not the actual product images, except for products in the 'Hardware' or 'Vehicles and parts' categories
  • Images containing promotional elements (e.g. calls to action such as “buy”; policy-related information such as extended warranty; free shipping; promotional adjectives such as “best, cheap”; condition or compatibility such as new, 2-piece, adaptable) or names and/or logos of merchants regardless if the above mentioned elements display on the product. This also applies to watermarks with promotional elements or names and/or logos of merchants.
  • Images containing obstructing content (e.g. watermarks, brand names and/or logos) that overlay the product being sold
  • Images that include borders
  • Images of a bundle that do not show the entire bundle
  • Images of multipack that do not display a single unit of the product
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