When and how much am I billed?

Pricefalls tallies your accrued selling fees every other Friday, and sends you a detailed invoice listing all of the fees associated with this two-week billing period. Your credit card on file is billed the following Friday, giving you ample opportunity to review the invoice.

You may view your invoice at all times by visiting your Store Dashboard and clicking Your Current Invoice under the “Billing” section on the left-hand side navigation.

Pricefalls charges a $499.99 setup fee, $49.99 monthly subscription, $1 per order, plus a category-dependent commission rate. Commission rates are based on the top level category for your item:


Pricefalls waives commissions for all refunded orders as long as your fulfillment rate remains above 95%. If your fulfillment rate drops below 95%, you will be charged on all orders that are generated until your fulfillment rate recovers to our standards.

A small service charge will be added to your total bill for credit card processing (2.5% (3.5% for Amex) + $0.25 of the Invoiced Total).

Note: Service charges are calculated at the following rates:

  • Amex: 3.5%
  • Other: 2.5%
  • Flat per transaction (all): $0.25
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