What is included in Pricefalls' Invoice?

Pricefalls sends an invoice every two weeks with an overview of your account activity. The invoice also includes a list of all transactions of the period by line item.

Here is an example of our invoice statement:


Fees are calculated as follows:

Fees due on Charges = Sum of Order Final Value Fees

In this example, the calculation came to $762.21

Order's Final Value Fees = (Sum of Line Item Final Value Fee by Item's Category) + (Total Shipping Cost * Highest Category Rate of all Line Items)

Fee Reimbursement = Sum of Order's Final Value Fees for Refunded Orders

In this example, Fees on refunded orders came to $9.48

Total Other Fees = Subscription Fees + Service Charges - Account Adjustments

Subscription Fees occur once per month, charged at $49.99/month

$1 Per Order Fees occur on each order placed on Pricefalls. Only orders refunded in full are eligible for the Per Order Fee reimbursement.

Account Adjustments are the sum of all credits or debits applied to the account, including additional marketing programs, datafeed services, and general account adjustments.

Service Charges are the processing costs Pricefalls incurs during the normal billing cycle for the selected credit card issuer. Service charges are calculated at the following rates:

  • Amex: 3.5%
  • Other: 2.5%
  • Flat per transaction (all): $0.25

In this example, Service Charges are calculated as follows:

Subtotal = Subscription Fee + Final Value Fees - Credits

Final Value Fees $869.03
Subscription Fee (Monthly) $49.99
Fee Reimbursement -$9.48
Account Adjustment -$166.63
---------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Subtotal $742.91

Invoiced Total = Subtotal / (1 - Card Rate) + 0.25

[$742.91 / (1-0.025)] + $0.25 = $762.21

Service Charges = Invoiced Total - Subtotal = $19.30


Questions about your bill?

If you have questions about your invoice, please contact Merchant Support please email questions to

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