My seller account is suspended. Why is that?

Sellers can be suspended from Pricefalls for a variety of reasons. Typically, account suspensions are a result of one of the following reasons:

  • Sub-standard customer feedback - If your star rating falls below 3.5 stars your store may be suspended.
  • Lack of verification - If Pricefalls is unable to confirm that your store has successfully completed our verification process, your store will be suspended.  If you were unable to verify your Pricefalls account, please contact the Merchant Support department at (866) 503-9799 option 3 to complete verification and begin selling on
  • Non-compliance with our fulfillment standards - Pricefalls sellers are required to successfully fulfill at least 95% of their orders. Non-compliance with these terms may result in a suspension of your selling privileges.

If you believe that your account suspension was an error, please contact the Merchant Support department to assist you.

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