Why can't I refund a customer's order?

To refund orders through Pricefalls, you must set refund privileges with your PayPal account. Typically these are configured when you setup your store.

Pricefalls has made an effort to create a management console that allows sellers full control over all selling processes. To account for all transaction related processes, and to provide accurate billing statements, sellers using PayPal must first grant API access permissions.

With these permissions Pricefalls is able to determine when a seller refunds an order as well as gather information about your orders payment detail. Please remember to refund your orders through Pricefalls in order to receive proper invoice reconciliation.

These permission settings help us provide a better customer experience for both sellers and customers on Pricefalls. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Pricefalls’ PayPal API permissions please contact us!

Generally, all sellers must complete this process to remain active on Pricefalls.

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