How do I export my orders?

The Reports section is found on the left hand side of your seller dashboard following the Order Management section.


You can export orders manually or schedule automated reports for regular delivery.

To manually export your orders:

The order report export tool allows you to request comprehensive order reports based on search criteria. This report may include unshipped orders, canceled/refunded orders, as well as shipped orders.

By refining your search criteria, you are able to focus on a particular subset of orders such as all unshipped orders, all refunded orders, orders placed by specific a buyer, orall orders placed within a certain timeframe.


Reports may take up to 24hours to complete, however reports typically process in approximately 15minutes. Check back, or click the “Refresh” button to see if your order report has completed. Once completed, order reports can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” link.

To schedule automatic order exports (FTP or Email Delivery):

The order export scheduler can be found on the left hand side of the seller dashboard under the Reports section by clicking “Schedule Order Exports”.

By default, we will create a daily order report containing all of your orders for that day at the end of each day. This report will be emailed to your order fulfillment email account.

You are able to request hourly order reports, change the order fulfillment email accounts, and optionally request FTP delivery of your order files.


When opting to receive daily order files, your order reports will be delivered at midnight on a daily basis. When choosing hourly reports, you will receive comprehensive order reports containing all orders of the day leading up to the hour, as well as a final report at

the end of the day. If you enable FTP Delivery, we will attempt to upload your Order Reports to your FTP Server. Please ensure valid credentials. We will notify you of failed deliveries.

If you select “Keep Uploaded Order Report Filename constant” please keep in mind that previous order reports found in on your FTP Server will be overwritten. Otherwise, we will create a unique filename for each of your uploaded order report files. All order reports are saved as tab delimited text files.

If you would like to receive additional information or assistance with retrieving your orders, please contact a Pricefalls Merchant Support representative by emailing

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