Can I bulk upload my shipping confirmations?

Yes, to bulk upload shipping confirmations:

The Shipment Confirmation Batch Processor allows you to submit a single text file containing order shipment information for multiple orders. Confirming shipments is important, as it allows your customers to check the shipment status of their order without having to reach out to your customer support team.

Please take a moment to review the Shipping Confirmation File Template before submitting a completed batch file for processing

Download Shipment Confirmation Template

Download our Shipment Confirmation File template and familiarize yourself with its format and expected data types. The shipment confirmation file you submit must contain a header row for each column using the spelling and case defined in the template. Each row represents a single item contained within the order. For multi-item orders, you must submit both the order id and the line item id.

Download Shipping Confirmation Template Link


NOTE: These column headers must be present in your batch order file. The column headers submitted with your file must match the column headers defined above in spelling and case.

You can download pre-filled Shipping Confirmation files by clicking "Get Unshipped Orders" within the Upload Shipping Confirmations page of your Pricefalls Seller Account. (Link:

The pre-filled columns will include: Product Title, UPC, MPN, SKU, Buyer First and Last Name. We provide you with this data to help you identify your orders more easily. Submitting data in these fields is optional when uploading the Shipping Confirmation file.

Download Your Unshipped Orders

For your convenience, we have created a report of your currently unshipped orders in the expected file format. All you have to do is download the file on the Upload Shipping Confirmations Page, fill in the missing columns, and submit it for processing.

You will notice that this file contains additional columns that are not included in the Shipping Confirmation Template. These columns are: Product Title, UPC, MPN, SKU, Buyer First and Last Name. These columns were added for your convenience, hopefully allowing you to easily identify these orders in your order management system. They will be ignored when we process your batch file.

Upload Your Completed Shipment Confirmation File

Upload your completed, tab-delimited Shipment Confirmation file. Please do not forget to include the column headers as outlined in the shipment confirmation template. Your submitted file will be queued for processing. We will notify you as soon as we have processed your file.

Results of your completed upload can be found under the Shipping Confirmation Processing History section. If the uploaded file contains errors, modify the original data and re-submit for processing. You do not need to remove the already processed rows from your re-submission.


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