My products are missing information (UPC, SKU, Shipping Dimensions, Descriptions, etc.), how do I add that to the product?

Sellers can populate any missing product information individually or in bulk.

To populate your products with missing information individually:

  • Locate the item you wish to edit, and select Edit from the Select Action dropdown menu
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add any additional product information.
  • Be sure to save any edits you make to the product using the Save button at the bottom of the page

If you have any questions or need additional assistance adding product information please contact Merchant Support.

To populate missing product information in bulk:

  • Make sure the new information is added to your datafeed
  • Go to the Datafeed Manager and either select the template you would like to update or create a new template

The Merchant Support department would be more than happy to assist you with this. For datafeed assistance, please call (866) 503-9799 option 3.

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