My categories are different from, will that be a problem?

While you configure your Datafeed Manager you will be instructed to elect which category option you will use. To list products using a datafeed, you must include categories in one of three ways:

  • Match Pricefalls Categories: Include the specific Pricefalls category directly in your datafeed.
  • Create a Category Map: Creating a category map is very easy. First, you would need each unique category your company uses in Column A of an excel sheet. Then, match your category to the proper Pricefalls one. Please view the link below to find a complete list of the Pricefalls category structure. If you need assistance creating a category map, please speak with a Merchant Support representative by using LiveChat, calling (866) 503-9799 option 3, or emailing

Download the Pricefalls Category Structure here: Pricefalls Taxonomy

  • Select a Single Category: Here, you may select one single category for all of your products. Keep in mind, that categorizing your products as specific as possible will help market your listings.
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