What Product Details Do I Need To List Products?

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Please find a breakdown of all available product details that can be added to your listings below.

The main details we require are title, brand, category, price, quantity, description, condition, image and shipping cost. Quantity and condition can be set across the board so they do not no need to be included in the datafeed. If applicable, a single category can be used across all the products, but it is very important to make sure products are categorized properly. The last part is the shipping cost. This can be set in the Shipping Profile or within the datafeed. There are many options available, we just need to know how you would like it calculated.

Hourly Inventory Update Details

Required Fields:
*Item Title*
*Category* (Please send your most granular taxonomy, not required if all items fall under the same category)
*Description* (1 description required. Up to 4 description fields can be accepted)
*SKU* (Feed must contain a unique SKU)
*MPN* (Strongly preferred, not required)
*UPC* (Required if available)
*Image URL* (1 image required. Up to 10 images can be accepted)

Possibly required fields:
Quantity (Quantity can be set across all items in the bulklister. eg. '5')
Condition (Condition can be set across the board. Accepted values: 'New', 'Used', 'Refurbished' or 'Open Box')
MSRP Price
Shipping Cost (not required if shipping costs are set on the store level)
Shipping Dimensions (Required if using carrier API rates)
Shipping Weight (Required if using carrier API rates. Value must be in pounds)

Color (Required for apparel and jewelry)
Material (Required for apparel and jewelry)
Pattern (Recommended for apparel, jewelry and furniture)
Gender (Required for apparel and jewelry)
Size (Required for apparel jewelry)
Age Group (Required for apparel)
10 Custom Options (Can be used to include additional facets and product specifications)

Optional Override fields
Shipping Type (Override store level shipping costs with a flat rate, or free shipping using 'datafeed', or 'free'. Blank cells result in store level shipping configuration)
Shipping Lead Time (Override store level lead time. Blank cells result in store level lead time.
Warranty Length (Override store level warranty settings, by setting the warranty length for individual line items. The number represents the number of days and must be an integer. Blank cells result in store level warranty settings.)

Full details of our standard Datafeed Format are provided here:

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