How do I create a category map?

We recommend using Pricefalls’ category structure in your feed for optimal results.

Important Note: If you provide Pricefalls categories in your feed, you do not need a category map.

If you use your own category taxonomy in your datafeed, you will need a category map that associates each of your categories with a valid Pricefalls category.

Important Notes:

  • The category map must be in CSV format.
  • Column A must contain your category trail, and Column B will contain the corresponding Pricefalls category trail.
  • The Pricefalls category in your category map must be an exact match to Pricefalls categories found in the “Pricefalls Category Taxonomy.
You will upload your category map on the “Upload a category map” step on the "Page Two: Feed Mapper” section of the Datafeed Manager.


Example Category Map:


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