Is everything in the picture included in my order?

Pricefalls strives to ensure that every image is an accurate reflection of the product. However, it is Pricefalls policy that the title and description of the item controls the accuracy of the listing.

Although rare, there are some cases where the the image displayed may be different from the actual item:

  • The listing is for a component: In some cases, a product listing will display a full unit when the listing is actually for a component. For instance, if you are purchasing the glass for a dining table, the listing may contain an image of the fully assembled dining table to show the user what the complete product looks like.
  • The listing is for an identical product of a different color: In some case, a product image will be a different color than the actual product. Please refer to the color of the item in the description or the title to confirm that actual color of the product.
  • The image is unavailable: In some cases the image can not be supplied, or is not supplied, by the seller of the item.
  • The image was improperly submitted by the seller: In the rarest of cases, a seller will submit an inaccurate image with their listing. Please refer to the item title and description for an accurate representation of the product.


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