Autographed Memorabilia, Collectibles & Certificate of Authenticity Policy

Pricefalls closely monitors the sale of autographed memorabilia and collectibles. In order to sell in certain categories on Pricefalls, your products must have, or be eligible to receive, an authentication from one of the following professional, independent, evaluators.

Autographs - Sports autographs and memorabilia must be authenticated or pre-certified with:

Beanie Babies - Beanie Babies must be authenticated with:

Coins - Coins must be graded with:

Comics - Comics must be graded with:

Stamps - Stamps must be authenticated or graded with:

Misrepresented items

Listing products that are not genuine is strictly prohibited and may result in a suspension of your selling privileges. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact a Pricefalls Merchant Support representative by emailing

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