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Datafeed Requirements

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Pricefalls can receive datafeed uploads daily or hourly. Daily files must contain all the required information and can be pulled via http or ftp at any hour within a 24 hour period. Hourly updates are achieved by uploading a master file once or on a schedule that contains your product information and then an hourly inventory update file is used to update price and quantity. If you are using FTP to update the hourly file, the system will remove the file after it is processed and will look for a new file at the top of each hour. For the Inventory Listing file we set the default quantity to one and ask that only in stock products are included. Filenames must remain static. Please review the detailed datafeed requirements using the following link:


Scheduling Order Exports

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Delivery Frequency

Delivery Frequency can be set to hourly or daily and delivered to ftp. Exports delivered hourly will continue to build the file after the first order is placed for the day. This file will include all orders placed for the day and the last file will be sent at midnight CST. Daily files will be sent once, at the same time.

Naming Convention

Order exports can have a static name or be dated and will be delivered as a text file. The default orderfile name is PricefallsOrders.txt. If the file has a static name, it will override the existing file in the ftp. Dated files have two different formats, which are “YYYYMMDD” and “MMDDYYYY”. This will be appended to the end of the default or constant file name if used.

To view additional details please use the following link:


Shipment Confirmation Uploads

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Automate the processing of your Shipment Tracking Confirmation feed via FTP delivery. You are able to submit tracking files in Pricefalls format, or establish a column mapping using your own format. Order ID, Tracking ID, Shipping Carrier and Carrier Service are required when using a custom format. Please note that only CSV or TXT feeds are supported. Pricefalls will attempt to fetch your tracking file every hour. Your filename must stay static and you do not have to exclude already processed orders from your feed.

To view additional details please use the following link:


If you have any questions or want to setup a direct integration with Pricefalls, please email our Merchant Support team at

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