ChannelSale Integration

These installation instructions will guide you through:

1. Configuring product uploads
2. Configuring order exports
3. Configuring tracking submission


Complete these steps in this order.

PFTech FTP Account Creation: 

You may use your own FTP account or request one from PFtech by visiting the PFTech App Store. Your FTP Account must include the following directories. If you are using a PFTech FTP Account, these will automatically be generated. 

Sample FTP Credentials
Username: sampleuser
Password: P@SS123
Port: 21
Mode: Passive

Setup Your ChannelSale Account:

Configuring product uploads from ChannelSale to PFTech (Pricefalls)

Uploading Products:

Download your "Sample File":

In your browser, using your FTP account credentials, go to:

    b. Here is an example link for informational purposes created using the sample credentials displayed above:
    c. Your sample file should automatically download. If not, right click and select "Save As" and name the file whatever you like.
    d. You can also use a program like FileZilla to log into the FTP and retrieve the file at any time.

Configure your PFTech (Pricefalls) account to receive your product data from ChannelSale. Please refer here for instructions on configuring your Datafeed Manager. Remember, on the "+Add Datafeed" section use the "Sample File" downloaded earlier.

On the scheduling step of the Datafeed Manager, please use the settings below to make sure your datafeed is retrieved properly. You can choose to edit, pause or enable this schedule at any time by logging into your Pricefalls Seller Dashboard and going to the Datafeed Schedule section.

Hourly Inventory Updates:

ChannelSale will push an inventory file to the FTP, which PFTech will retrieve at the top of every hour. Please make sure your settings match the example below. You can edit, pause, or enable this schedule at any time by logging into your Pricefalls Seller Dashboard and navigating to the Inventory Manager section.

Order Export Setup

Order exports are setup the same for all accounts. They will push hourly to the "Orders" FTP directory and will use the standard format making the name "PricefallsOrders.txt". Please see the Order Export setup below:

Shipment Confirmation Setup

Tracking files will be sent in Pricefalls format and will be named "Pricefalls_Com_ShippingTrack.txt". The files will be delivered to the "Tracking" folder in the FTP. Please see the Tracking Import setup below:

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