Seller Cloud Integration

These instructions guide you through:

1. Configuring listings and updates
2. Configuring order exports
3. Configuring tracking submission 


1. Have your FTP credentials ready.

Request a preconfigured FTP Account from PFTech or, if you use your own FTP Account, ensure it includes the following directories: 

Sample PFTech FTP Account (for instructional purposes):

Username: sampleuser
Password: P@SS123
Port: 21  


2. Setup your SellerCloud account settings.


  • If you need assistance, please contact SellerCloud on this step.


3. Download your Datafeed.

Use an FTP client to retrieve the file or in your browser, navigate to:
 (Remember to use your FTP credentials here) 


  Example with Sample Account:

If the file does not download automatically, right click and select "Save As".  

4. Prepare Your Category Map. 

The integration between SellerCloud and PFTech requires a category map file containing two columns - your categories in Column A and PFTech categories in Column B. You can find our article on how to create a category map here. If you require assistance with this, it is recommended you contact  .            

Configuring product uploads from SellerCloud to PFTech (Pricefalls)


1. Configure the Datafeed Manager.

If you need help, refer here for instructions.

• This is a new datafeed
• The Feed Column Format is Custom Format
• “Upload your Datafeed” (i.e. your Product File) that you downloaded in Step 1
• Your datafeed contains a condition column for every product
• Your datafeed contains a stock column for every product
• Set the Listing Duration to 10 days.
• Adjust Product Pricing as you see fit
• Toggle “Close items that are not in my feed” to "Yes"


Feed Mapper:
• Map each of the appropriate columns. Refer here for assistance.


Category Model:
• Select I would like to upload a category map and upload the category map file you created earlier. 
• Alternatively, select I would like to use a single Pricefalls category for all of my products. Please ensure that all of your products fall under a single category before moving forward with this option.


• The Scheduler should match the settings below: 


 After configuration, you may edit, pause or enable this schedule at any time by navigating to Datafeed Schedule.


Configure your Hourly Inventory Updates from SellerCloud to Pricefalls (PFTech).

SellerCloud sends stock and price updates to PFTech (Pricefalls) hourly. Navigate to the Inventory Manager and enter the relevant information based on the following example.

1. Configure the Pricefalls (PFTech) Inventory Manager.



Configuring order exports from PFTech (Pricefalls) to SellerCloud

Navigate to the Schedule Order Reports page enter the relevant information based on the following example:                                          



Configuring tracking submission from SellerCloud to PFTech (Pricefalls)

Navigate to Schedule Shipping Import  and enter the relevant information based on the following example:                                          


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