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Automate the processing of your Shipment Tracking Confirmation feed via FTP delivery. You are able to submit tracking files in Pricefalls format, or establish a column mapping using your own format. Order ID, Tracking ID, Shipping Carrier and Carrier Service are required when using a custom format. Please note that only CSV or TXT feeds are supported. Pricefalls will attempt to fetch your tracking file every hour. Your filename must stay static and you do not have to exclude already processed orders from your feed.

How Does It Work?

  • We fetch your feed every hour (but you can submit it less frequently).
  • If a feed is found, we process it.
  • Feeds can contain all orders from the day, or just new orders since the last feed.
  • View processing results in the Upload Shipping Confirmations section.
  • You can have multiple templates running in parallel.
  • You can create default values using the "Fixed Value" mode of the column mapper.

Watch Out!

  • Your feed file must be CSV or TXT formatted.
  • Your filename must remain constant.
  • Review the specifications to learn which columns are required.
  • Your feed must contain a header row for each column using the spelling and case defined in your mapping or our template.

Pricefalls Settings:

Custom Settings:

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