Subuno Fraud Prevention

Focus: For Sellers using for their Pricefalls orders.

Offers merchants a "Total Protection Insurance" service with chargeback protection.  

For small and medium businesses, helps prevent fraud and improve order review efficiency. Offers a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that provides data automation, manual review tools and insurance coverage.

Merchants can use Subuno to manage all aspects of their order review process: customizing for automatic screening, verifying ordering information and insuring against fraudulent orders.

Subuno protects over 1,000 merchants and screens over $2 billion of orders per year.

Plans cost from $19 to $249/month, plus a per order fee between $0.01 and $0.05.


  1. Customer places order. Using a Subuno app or API, order details are sent automatically to Subuno.
  2. Orders are checked against risk factors and business rules such as a fraud score, block/white lists, velocity, and order characteristics.
  3. In less than a second, an accept/reject/review flag via the API is returned.  Sellers can investigate flagged orders using the Subuno Review Dashboard. 


Partner Contact:

  • Ed Lin
  • Email:
  • Phone: (646) 481-1296
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