Fraud Orders - 6/3/16

Pricefalls Marketplace Announcement

Thank you for selling on Pricefalls. Pricefalls has released an update to its Refund and Cancellation process. When issuing a refund, you now have the option to mark the reason for refund as a "Fraudulent Transaction".

Marking an order as fraudulent is simple and effective.


Pricefalls will not charge fees on transactions that have been marked and verified as fraudulent, even if your account does not meet the 95% fulfillment rate required for fees reimbursement on refunded or cancelled orders.

Please contact our merchant support team with any questions or feedback about our new refund and cancellation process or for any other matter by emailing

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Looking for additional protection against fraudulent  orders? We recommend checking out Subuno's insurance service which offers an affordable in-depth risk assessment for your transactions. Capable of checking all of your orders or just the few you might find suspicious, there are options available for all types of merchants, big and small. Check it out today to see if Subuno fits your needs by visiting


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