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Pricefalls Inventory Update Template Download

Pricefalls offers sellers the ability to update their inventory, pricing and shipping costs as quickly as hourly. These updates can be accomplished by providing an inventory update file in Pricefalls or a custom format. Please see the Pricefalls template above. The column headers submitted must match the column headers defined in the file in spelling and case. You only need to provide SKU and Quantity to update inventory using the Pricefalls format, just leave any columns blank that are not needed. If you already have an inventory file you are using to update inventory on another channel, we can use it as long as it contains SKU and Quantity. The column headers do not need to have the names in our template, but need to stay static. We will map the column headers to the associated update field.

Files can be uploaded hourly using FTP or a HTTP download. Pricefalls will check the file to see if any changes are made every hour and update your inventory accordingly. If the file is the same, the updates will not process. Every day at midnight PST, the file will be processed even if it hasn't changed, so make sure the file is updated at least daily. You can review additional information by logging into your seller account and going to the Inventory Manager section. Please see the additional details below:

How does it work?
  • We fetch your feed every hour.
  • If a feed is found, we process it.
  • View processing results in the Inventory Processing Results section.
  • You can have multiple templates running in parallel.
Watch out!
  • Your feed file must be CSV or TXT formatted (optionally Zip or GZip compressed).
  • Your filename must remain constant.
  • Review the specifications to learn which columns are required.
  • Your feed must contain a header row for each column using the spelling and case defined in your mapping or our template.

Inventory Settings*

      1. My Inventory Feed contains all changes. Do not modify my other items.

  • This should only be used if your datafeed contains all the changes you would like. If products not contained within this file are out of stock and still active, the products will be purchasable on Pricefalls.

      2. Close Active Items not contained in my Inventory Feed.

  • This is the primary selection that should be used. This will close the listings of any products not contained within your update file. This makes sure all SKUs found in the file with active inventory are listed for sale on Pricefalls.

Feed Format*

      1. My inventory file is in Pricefalls column format.

  • When using Pricefalls format, you are required to provide the SKU and Quantity as a minimum. The other column headers must be provided in the same spelling and case, but can be left blank if not being used.

      2. My inventory file is in custom format.

  • When using a custom format, you must map the corresponding feed column header names. We recommend that you copy/paste, so that there are no matching errors. SKU and Quantity must be provided, but the column headers do not need to match. You can map the appropriate column from the file to the proper field to be updated on Pricefalls.

Pricing Settings

      1. Do not reprice my products.

  • When selected, the price in your inventory file will be used. If this column is not available, your product prices will not be altered.

      2. I would like to reprice my products based on the following rule:

  • You can set to have price increased or decreased by a fixed amount or by a percentage. This adjustment is based on prices provided in your inventory file and not the current listing price.

Quantity Buffer Settings

      1. Do not set a minimum available quantity buffer.

  • When selected, all available products will be listed.

      2. Ignore products with fewer available units than:

  • Specify the minimum available quantity amount and any listings which have less than this available, according to your inventory file, will be closed.


If you have any questions about the hourly inventory update automation, please contact our Merchant Support team by emailing

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