Teapplix Integration

Please see the following details to setup a Teapplix account on Pricefalls.

FTP Setup

The seller can request an FTP account from Pricefalls or provide their own credentials. The following directories will be created in the FTP. If the seller is using their own FTP, please make sure these directories are used.


Order Export Setup

Order exports are setup the same for all accounts. They will push hourly to the "Orders" FTP directory and will use the year, month, day date format making the name "PricefallsOrders_YYYYMMDDD.txt". Please see the Order Export setup below:

Shipment Confirmation Setup

Tracking files will be sent in Pricefalls format and will be named "Pricefalls_Tracking.txt". The files will be delivered to the "Tracking" folder in the FTP. Please see the Tracking Import setup below.


Datafeed Requirements (Not currently supported)


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