Fee Update to all sellers 5-19-2016 Announcement

Dear Seller,

We pride ourselves on the value we are able to offer you, both as a customer acquisition source, as well as a sales channel. This year, Pricefalls is making an effort to bring more customers back, and we'll be investing heavily in opportunities that attract customers from new traffic sources. Our technology will continue to improve, and we'll be releasing new tools that allow you to broaden your audience, and increase recurrence. Further, Pricefalls is introducing a new advertising initiative that will allow you to co-advertise your product lines, thereby driving more exposure to your offers.

At Pricefalls, we operate on sound business principles and we recognize that from time to time we must make updates to our Fee Schedule in order to sustain a growing marketplace. Beginning June 20th, 2016, Pricefalls will charge sellers its standard commission rates plus $1.00 per order. This change aligns with our performance based pricing principles. It helps us allocate more advertising dollars to your marketing campaigns while ensuring that fees are proportional to sales volume. These updates will help Pricefalls position itself as a marketplace leader and will further our effort to drive you as much traffic as possible.

Thank you for selling on Pricefalls, and we look forward to growing your sales this year. To learn more about participating in our new advertising programs, or if you have any questions about your seller account, please call our Merchant Support team at 1 (866) 503-9799 x3.



Your Pricefalls Team


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