New SKU Requirements, IP Added to Order File & Tracking Import Scheduling 3-4-16

Pricefalls Marketplace Announcement

Pricefalls is a "Seller Focused" marketplace. Part of this means we consider and use your feedback in every new development and we appreciate your help to make the best new sales channel for online retailers.

We're excited to announce three important updates released on 3/1/2016:

  • SKU is now required in Datafeed Uploads
  • IP Address is now included in Order File Exports
  • Tracking Import Scheduling is now available in the Seller Dashboard

These updates may affect your tracking uploads, inventory updates, and order import processes! 

Please review important information below and ensure that your seller account is running smoothly. If you require assistance or have questions about these updates, please email or call 1-866-503-9799 ext. 3 for immediate assistance.


SKU is now a Required Field in Datafeed Uploads

Pricefalls Marketplace is making product updates easier for sellers. The first step to simplify our update process is to assign a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to each product. To create listings, process updates, and automatically update inventory using feeds, SKU is now a required field.

Datafeed lines that do not have a unique SKU will not be listed.

Almost all feeds include the Manufacturer Part Number (MPN). If your company does not catalog unique SKUs, we recommend using a unique MPN. Note that if duplicate SKUs are found, the last occurrence of the SKU within your datafeed will be listed, and items with the same SKU found on prior lines will not be posted.


IP Address is now included in Order File Exports

In an effort to help Sellers detect fraud, specifically those Sellers accepting payments using, Pricefalls now includes the buyer's IP address in the order export file.

Buyer IP Address can be found in the last column of the file (BU). It has been appended to the prior order file template, and no other changes have been made.

If you are processing order files automatically, please ensure that the additional field does not conflict with your system's automated order imports.


Schedule Shipping Imports and Submit Tracking Information Automatically

Pricefalls now allows sellers to automate Shipment Tracking Confirmations via FTP. You can now setup and schedule shipping imports through the Seller Dashboard on your Pricefalls account. The release allows you to submit tracking files in Pricefalls' format, or establish a column mapping using your own format. Please note that only CSV or TXT feeds are supported.

Pricefalls will attempt to fetch your tracking file on the top of every hour. Your filename must remain static, but you do not have to exclude already processed orders from your feed if you opt for hourly processing. We recommend sending a building file with a daily reset period, 20-40 minutes before the top of the hour.


  • Your feed file must be CSV or TXT formatted.
  • Your filename must remain constant.
  • Review the specifications to learn which columns are required.
  • Your feed must contain a header row for each column using the spelling and case defined in your mapping or our template.

How does it work?

  • We fetch your feed every hour (but you can submit it less frequently).
  • If a feed is found, we process it.
  • Feeds can contain all orders from the day, or just new orders since the last feed.
  • View processing results in the Upload Shipping Confirmation section.
  • You can have multiple templates running in parallel.
  • You can create default values using the "Fixed Value" mode of the column mapper.


If you have questions or feedback about managing your Pricefalls Seller Account please contact our Merchant Support team by emailing


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