ShipStation Integration (Manual)

Please see the details below to setup a ShipStation account on Pricefalls.

Order Exports

You can schedule to receive your order exports hourly or daily on Pricefalls. The method that you can receive the export is through email, FTP or by manually downloading the file. For assistance, please ask a Pricefalls Merchant Support Representative by emailing

Tracking Imports

You are able to export a tracking file in ShipStation and process an upload on Pricefalls. The file doesn't contain the "Line Item ID", "Quantity" or "Carrier Service", so if this needs to be added for the customer to receive the correct information, this would have to be done manually. If not, the file can't be uploaded to your Pricefalls account.

ShipStation Account

  • If you do not have a ShipStation account, please create one on the following page of the ShipStation website Create My Account.

Importing Your Orders To ShipStation From Pricefalls

  • Start by going to the Store Setup section, click “Connect a Store or Marketplace”, select ShipStation and enter the First Order # and Optional Prefix.
  • Then, go to the Orders tab on your ShipStation dashboard, click the “Other Actions” option and select “Import Orders”.

  • Click the green “+ Select File” button and find the Pricefalls order file that you downloaded. Pricefalls order exports can be sent via FTP, to email or by downloading manually from your Pricefalls seller dashboard. For assistance, please contact Pricefalls Merchant Support by emailing
  • Import to Store – Select “Pricefalls” in the “Import to Store” drop down menu.
  • Field Mappings – For the first Pricefalls order file import, make sure to have the “Create a new field mapping” selected. Future order files can be imported with the “Use a saved mapping from a prior import job” option.
  • File Format – Pricefalls order exports use the “Tab Delimited Value” format.
  • Character Set – Pricefalls uses “UTF-8” character set encoding.
  • Finally, make sure to select the “The first line of the file contains column headers” option as all Pricefalls order export files contain a header row.
  • If your Import Orders window looks like the above image, you can proceed to click the “Upload and Continue” button to move onto mapping the columns of your Pricefalls order file. The setup should look similar to the image below:

Mapping Your Pricefalls Order Export File

Order Information Fields mapping


Buyer & Recipient Information Fields mapping


Item Information Fields mapping

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