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Getting Started with Pricefalls


Assigning Label to Pricefalls

The settings page for Pricefalls is found at Marketplaces > Pricefalls > Pricefalls Settings.

For all new webstore or marketplace integration, you, as a seller, define which products are to be sent to the channel by means of a label. For those of you who aren’t familiar with labels, a label is simply a way to group products together within the ChannelAdvisor inventory.

The Pricefalls settings page contains the following section:

You can choose to use an existing label in your account, or you can create a new label directly from this screen by clicking on the ‘+’ button. We recommend that you call the new label “Pricefalls” so that finding inventory assigned to your new marketplace or webstore is easy for anyone else using your account to understand.

Configuring Inventory

On the same settings page from above, you can also configure the inventory that will be sent to Pricefalls. You have several options to choose from:

The vast majority of our sellers choose “All Inventory” for this setting.

You also have the option to set a buffer quantity or not. A buffer quantity is the amount of stock you would like to leave behind so as to prevent overselling if your stock is fact moving. An example: you have quantity of 10 in inventory, but you set a buffer of 2, this means we will send a quantity of 8 to Pricefalls. We recommend that you set a buffer if you are selling on more than one channel via ChannelAdvisor as frequency of updates to different channels vary widely depending on what the channel supports.

Entering Credentials

To allow ChannelAdvisor to communicate with Pricefalls you must provide the credentials for your account. For the vast majority of cases these credentials are Seller ID and API Key/Token. You should be provided these credentials by your Pricefalls contact and are also available through your Pricefalls Seller's Dashboard under "API" > "Channel Advisor".

Remember to save the page before exiting.



Mapping Fields

The Pricefalls template page can be found under Marketplaces > Pricefalls > Product Mapping > Template.

The template is a way for you, as a seller, to assign your inventory data to the fields that are available to send to Pricefalls. Taking each field (e.g. “Category”) in turn, you should configure the template so that you map existing data from your inventory to the requirements of the marketplace.

When mapping the template, you have 4 choices in how you can configure the field:

  • Enter text
    • This means that whatever is typed here will be set on all your products. Unless you are setting a value that is constant across all your products (e.g. Brand may be the same if you are the brand owner) we do not recommend using text here.
  • Inventory Field
    • If the data you need to send to Pricefalls is stored in an attribute in your inventory, you may point the template to that attribute. This means our system will pick up the data that is stored in your inventory when we send products to Pricefalls.
  • Lookup List
    • Works similar to a VLOOKUP in excel and can be very powerful. Simply, it replaces one word or phrase with another.
    • A useful example is: say you have colors stored against your products (Neon Pink, Lavender, Charcoal) but the channel accepts only standardized colors. You can create a Lookup List that would replace the above with Pink, Purple and Grey, again saving you time in cleaning up data.


  • Business Rule
    • Used to apply logic to either text or data stored in an attribute. For example, you may want to send a price that is 70% of the RRP so instead of requiring to store this price within your inventory, you can create a rule to reduce the RRP of your products to 70%. The output of this rule is what we will send to Pricefalls.
    • Another example is if you have HTML in your description stored in inventory and you need to remove the HTML before sending; we have a built-in rule that you can apply to strip out HTML from the inventory field – meaning you don’t need to carry out extra work cleaning up your descriptions.


You will notice several different colored icons next to the field names on the template. These are used to indicate what level of requirement the fields have.

Fields with a red star are required and ChannelAdvisor cannot send your products unless this information is filled in and matches any value lists the channel may have.

Fields with an orange square are required under certain conditions - e.g. the size may be required for only the apparel within your inventory but wouldn’t be required if you are selling head phones.

Fields with a yellow circle are deemed to be recommended – meaning that whilst they are not required, Pricefalls recommend providing these details to increase the likelihood of buyers finding your products and to enrich the on-site data.

Fields without an icon are optional – meaning that you may choose to send data for this field if you so wish, but the field isn’t a required or recommended field to enhance your listings on the site.

Template Tips

We know that sometimes the number of fields on a new template can be daunting so we have worked with Pricefalls to ensure you have as much information as you need at your fingertips when mapping the template. If you click on the field name, the template will expand to show you some Help Text as well as Suggested Values.

The Help Text will guide you by describing what the field will be used for, common data points or perhaps where the text will be displayed on the site – the content here will differ by field.

If Pricefalls has a list of valid values for a particular field (for example; the Condition field) we will display the Suggested Values in a table below the help text.

Where the list is extensive, we also provide you a BOX link to download the full version.

If you spot something that isn’t correct on the template or you think that we could do a better job in helping describe some fields, please let us know – we’d love to keep improving this page for our sellers and your feedback is very welcome.

You must provide data for all required fields on the template, but to ensure that your listings are content rich and appeal to buyers, we do recommend that you complete mapping for the conditionally required and recommended fields.

Categorizing Your Products

Pricefalls maintains a set list of values for Category. This means that you must provide a category that matches one of their set values. You must categorize your products so that you are sending the Pricefalls category as expected.

Please select one of these categorizing options:

1.Select Pricefalls categories. To prevent errors, be sure to include the complete category. For example, "Office & School Supplies|Filing Products|Folders".

2. Select Amazon categories.

3. Select “Yes, let Channel Advisor categorize my products.”

Categorizing your products can be cumbersome, so we’ve worked together with Pricefalls to create an automatic category matching service. As a seller you can enter the category you wish to list your products under, or you can leave this field output blank and ChannelAdvisor will use our categorizer to determine the best category for you.



Now that you have completed the settings page and the template mapping, you’ve given the ChannelAdvisor system all it needs in order to send your products to Pricefalls. Now you need to switch on the feeds.

Navigate back to the settings page for Pricefalls and click on “Save and Activate” button. A pop-up will appear checking that you are ready to commence ChannelAdvisor system communicating with Pricefalls.


Once you confirm the pop-up, you will then see 4 checkboxes (one of which may be defaulted to On) for Listings, Reconciler, Orders & Fulfilments.

Its best to switch all of these on at once, but some sellers leave the Orders & Fulfilment boxes unchecked until later in the process.

Remember to save the page after making changes.



Since you’ve now activated the feeds from your ChannelAdvisor account to Pricefalls, our system will start sending your products to Pricefalls on a preset schedule. We call the sending of products to Pricefalls a feed and the act of sending those feeds is called a sync. After each successful sync, we will populate or update the details in the Product Status screen so that you have all the information at your fingertips on which products were successful or have errors.

You can find the Product Status screen by navigating to Marketplaces > Pricefalls > Product Status. On this screen you will find a row within the grid for each item on your label as well as key information about the products. We’ll show you the Item Status, Listing Status and Messages for each product.

The Item Status indicates whether the item has passed data validation and whether it was sent to Pricefalls (i.e. did you provide all required fields for that item).

The Listing Status indicates whether the item is live or not on Pricefalls. It is normal to see that the item was successfully sent but not live for several days since there may be a product review process that must happen at Pricefalls. If you do see that products remain like this for more than 1 week, we recommend that you reach out to Support on and the team can look into what’s wrong with those products with Pricefalls on your behalf.

The Messages column will be populated when we have either detected that you have not supplied all required data for a particular SKU or because we sent the item to Pricefalls and they returned an error to us.

Any errors like “Field Category is required.” is a message from ChannelAdvisor. Any messages that begin with “Error from Pricefalls” means that we sent the product to Pricefalls but they returned us an error.

In order to have the products listed, you must rectify any errors on those SKUs. It is not unusual to have quite a number of errors when first launching – it’s a new channel and you’re getting used to their data requirements.

For the vast majority of sellers, fixing the errors generally means one of two things:

  1. Adjusting the mapping on your Pricefalls template in order to supply the correct information (warning: adjusting the template will affect all SKUs, not just the one you are trying to fix an error for) OR
  2. Adjusting the data stored in your inventory so it matches Pricefalls’ requirements.

We recommend that, during launch, you check the Product Status screen and work on your errors at least on a daily basis so that your products are listed as soon as possible.

Common Pricefalls Error Messages

We continue to collate common errors that our sellers face and provide information on how to resolve them. You can find an up to date list of common errors on the SSC:, under the How To Section. We update this page often, so we recommend that you regularly check back here when working on your errors.


Tips on Error Resolution

  1. Depending on the communication frequency between ChannelAdvisor and Pricefalls it could be up to 24 hours before we resend the product to Pricefalls after you have fixed an error.
  1. If you add new attributes to your inventory for Pricefalls make sure that these new attributes are mapped correctly on the Pricefalls template.



Once all/subset of your products have had their errors resolved and are live on site, Pricefalls may review your data to ensure it fits with their guidelines. They may come back to you and ask you to change certain aspects of the data you have provided; remember, it could be as simple as editing the mapping on your template or even adding a business rule to edit the mapping you already have. If the change is something that is consistent, we recommend that you consider a business rule to do the legwork for you. If you need any help with advanced business rules, you can reach out to our Support Team on

If there are any official sign-off procedures to go through with Pricefalls you, as a seller, as responsible for engaging with Pricefalls in order to complete these steps. In some cases, your Marketplace listings/store will be in a “staged” state and won’t be marked as Live until Pricefalls signs off. Until the listings are deemed live and searchable on the site, your new buyers will not be able to find your products.


At this stage you should also, if you haven’t already, configure the Orders & Fulfillment settings mentioned earlier in this document. Until you set both of these feeds to “On” your orders will not be imported into your ChannelAdvisor account and you cannot mark the orders as shipped.

After 30 days of the feeds being switched on, the boxes will automatically lock down. This is to allow you enough time to get as many of your listings live as possible before those feeds are automatically switched on but also to ensure that they remain on to avoid such issues as oversells on Pricefalls.

Should you need more time, you may reach out to our Support team to configure the feeds to Off should you need it.

Once all/subset of your products are live, buyers can find and buy your products. Any orders made on Pricefalls will be imported into your ChannelAdvisor account as they are for your other channel integrations.

Orders Details

For Pricefalls you will see the orders displayed just like you see for other channels:

  • Site Name will be defined as Pricefalls
  • Buyer details will be displayed on the order providing Pricefalls shares those details with us
  • Carrier and Class information will be stored on the order as they are imported from Pricefalls. Remember you can auto-convert these to Carrier and Class names you already use on your orders by using the shipping mappings which can be found under Sales > Shipping > Shipping Mapping Settings.


Pricefalls support shipments on orders. They support the following types of shipments:

  • Full Shipments
  • Line item Shipments

You can set orders as shipped within your ChannelAdvisor account, just like with your other channels and we’ll communicate that shipment notification to Pricefalls. Like with other shipments, we do recommend that you provide a tracked service to your buyers. If you do, don’t forget to also include the tracking ID in your shipment update to your ChannelAdvisor account.


Pricefalls supports cancellations (i.e. before shipment). They support the following types of cancellations:

  • Full order cancellations
  • Line item cancellations
  • Partial Quantity line item cancellations


Pricefalls supports refunds (i.e. after shipment). They support the following types of refunds:

  • Full order refunds
  • Item level refunds
  • Partial refunds


Pricefalls Marketplace Team

Contact information:


Merchant Support               


Live Chat On-Site: 

Marketing & Seller Performance Programs


Phone: 866-503-9799 ext. 4

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