Channel Advisor Seller Set-up Progress Bar

On the Pricefalls settings page there is a section which has a green progress bar. The bar indicates where in the launch phase the account is for the given channel. When a seller checks the boxes to switch on listings, the integration is immediately active (providing of course the credentials are correct). CA gives sellers 30 days from that point to switch on and off the feeds as they wish before they default them all to "ON" and does not allow the seller to switch them off. This is a safe guard from the CA side to make sure sellers don't accidentally switch something off that could interfere the integration.



As you can see the integration is ACTIVE - as noted in caps and by the the fact the checkboxes are checked, but there is still a countdown until the "LIVE" status kicks in. The "LIVE" status is only really a point in time where by the seller will no longer have the opportunity to switch those feeds off.

Any countdown the seller sees on this page has absolutely no bearing on whether CA is sending the feeds to Pricefalls or not - only the checkboxes being checked or not controls that.


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