Increasing Sales On Pricefalls

Generating consistent sales on Pricefalls and growing your account is dependent on a variety of factors. From your end, you will want to ensure your listings are of high quality and you take advantage of opportunities available to you to increase sales.

Check The Quality Of Your Listings

When you list a product on Pricefalls, we actively push it to a variety of search engines, shopping channels and leverage our affiliate network to drive traffic. As such, it is especially important that your listing meets our quality standards. Your number of sales and overall performance of a given product will often be a direct reflection of the quality of the listing. 

  • Full Length Descriptions - Your product description should have every detail of the product available to the customer and presented in a professional looking manner. In order to accomplish his, you can use HTML to create rich descriptions with additional images, formatted text, embedded videos, bullet points and more. In general, the more expensive a product is, the more confidence you need to build with the customer to make a sale. One common mistake seller's make is try to re-purpose their product title or one liners as a description. This presents no new information to the customer or our marketing channels which ultimately hurt sales.
  • Check Images - It is incredibly important that your first product image is of high quality and meet our requirements. Your images should be no smaller than 1200x1200 in size and have a solid white background. The use of watermarks, promotional text, logos, etc will result in your product being rejected by our marketing channels which will prevent nearly all sales. It is recommended you review over your storefront to get an idea of the type of images customers will see and where improvements should be made. Adding additional images should be done where possible and should meet the previously mentioned requirements.

  • Include Product Identifiers - Since your products are being pushed to multiple shopping channels, you want to ensure your product can easily be identified by search engines. This means having accurate brand, Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs), Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and Universal Product Codes (UPCs) for your products. If these are inaccurate or missing, your product may at worse be outright rejected by our marketing channels and at best have ineffective marketing. For SKUs specifically, this is the identifier Pricefalls uses to keep track of your products. If your products are missing SKUs or there are duplicates then your listings may not update as anticipated.
  • Supplemental Data - You want to ensure your products have all the right details in order to make a sale. Listing a pair of shoes for sale but not specifying the size for example would be a mistake which would prevent nearly all sales for those shoes. The same concept can be applied for nearly all kinds products. The most common types of data to include would be size, color, gender, age group, material, dimensions, texture, shape and capacity but you are able to create up to ten custom attributes to be included in your listings. These details are automatically organized into a table at the bottom of your product description.
  • Product Category - On Pricefalls we have over 30,000 product categories. This means nearly any product can be properly categorized to ensure customers can easily find what they are looking for. However, if your categories are inaccurate or too broad, you will be missing out on your exact target audience. Needless to say, having your products in the wrong categories only hurts your sales and makes your storefront look disorganized and unprofessional.
  • Competitive Prices - When your products are marketed, they are compared against other sellers of the same products. This means if your pricing is too high, the marketing efforts are ineffective since customers will simply go to those sellers who have better deals. Keep in mind you are not just competing against other sellers on Pricefalls but all online retailers. If you sell on multiple marketplaces be sure to check to see if you are being consistent in your pricing as you do not typically want to your various storefronts to be competing against one another.
  • Use Variations - You can setup your listings to include options for selecting size and color variations. This is especially important for apparel items where customers will be looking for their specific size and style. For more information on how to create variations via datafeed check out this article. Variations options can also be setup by manually editing a listing or by utilizing Channel Advisor.

Actions You Can (And Should) Take To Increase Sales

On Pricefalls, we try to empower you as much as possible to run your storefront as you see fit. This includes opportunities for improving sales and interacting with customers.

  • Create A Coupon - You have the ability to create custom coupon codes via your seller's dashboard. The most effective coupons are those that offer a discount on any product in your storefront. Most coupons range from a 5% to 15% discount. Available coupons are presented on the product page for customers to use but coupons are more effective when you include them in your own promotional material. If you run a blog, email campaign, utilize social media or any other outlet, you want to broadcast your storefront and the availability of the coupon.
  • Reach Out To Past Customers - Pricefalls is not just a marketplace and can actually be used as a means of customer acquisition. Unlike other marketplaces, we actually provide you with your customer's contact information and encourage you to reach out to them for repeat business. Including the customer on email lists for newsletters, promotions or simply a thank you email with a coupon for a discount on a future purchase can go a long way at building loyalty and making their purchase memorable and feel rewarding. You can download this information by exporting out your past orders here in your dashboard.
  • Participate in Paid Promotions - On Pricefalls, we have our own set of promotional opportunities which can help bring more exposure to your storefront. Options include having your store presented on the homepage, participate in our Weekly Steals campaign, invest along side of Pricefalls in the marketing of your entire storefront via our Boost Program, or have our team create custom landing pages and exclusive promotional emails go out based on your specifications.
  • List Your Full Catalog - On Pricefalls, building your traffic and product history is key to success. For this reason we encourage sellers to list their full catalog by not having any listing fees. Having your full catalog listed will maximize your sales potential and allow you to identify which line of products have the most success on Pricefalls. Listing only a limited selection of products, even if they are your top sellers on other marketplaces, is discouraged given our marketing practices.
  • Keep Listings Up To Date - Regardless of if you are managing your listings by hand or by automation, you want to ensure your listings are being kept up to date. This would include adding new products, removing those that are out of stock or discontinued, and ensuring quantity available is accurate. If you happen to have a large addition of products to your storefront feel free to let us know. We can expedite getting your products included in our marketing. Additionally, if you are seeing any odd behavior where listings are not updating as expected, let us know so we can investigate.
  • Resolve Fulfillment Issues - Take a look at your order history. If you are refunding more than 5% of your orders, there is likely an issue with your storefront and will want to investigate this. The two most common reasons for issuing a refund among sellers is the product no longer being available or requested by the customer for the product not being as described in the listing. If you are having issues keeping your inventory up to date on your own, simply reach out to us and our team would be happy to look into solutions for you. We want you to be successful on Pricefalls and are willing to go the extra mile to help you get everything setup properly.
  • Running A Sale? Let Us Know About It - If you are going to be making any special discounts on a line of products please let our team know about it. We often run promotional programs at no cost to our sellers who are running exceptional deals. While placement can never be guaranteed for this, a quick email letting us know the details can make a big difference.

These suggestions on how to be successful on Pricefalls and what steps you can take should be taken into consideration and reviewed from your end. We understand every store is unique and has their own set of challenges and we are more than happy to conduct an in depth review over your storefront if the details above are met.

If you have any questions on these topics please reach out to our Merchant Support team at

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