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Pricefalls ShippingEasy Plugin | Installation & Setup 8.16.18

Pricefalls ShippingEasy Plugin



The following topics will be covered:

1. Requirements
2. Creating a ShippingEasy Store on
3. Installing and Configuring the Pricefalls ShippingEasy Plugin
4. Conclusion

1. Requirements

Before starting the process of installing the ShippingEasy plugin, the following prerequisites should
already be met:

  • You have an active Pricefalls Marketplace store account
  • You have an active ShippingEasy account

2. Creating a ShippingEasy Store

First, log into with your email address and password and navigate to Settings > Stores & Orders.

Click Add New to create a new ShippingEasy store.


On the following page, select ShippingEasy API from the Platform menu. In the Store URL field, enter the URL of your Pricefalls Marketplace storefront. Click Save.


On the next page, fill out the Store Info form. Pay particular attention to the following fields under API Configuration:

  • Store URL:
  • Shipment Callback Path: /app-store/webhooks/shipping-easy/shipment

Click Save.


Now navigate to Settings > Stores & Orders. You should see your newly created store with the information you provided. Copy the Store API Key and store it in an open text document. We will need this information later.


Go to Settings > API Credentials and locate the API Key and API Secret. Copy these values as well.


You should now have the Store API Key, API Key, and API Secret copied into an open text document where you can retrieve them in the next step. Next, we will install and configure the Pricefalls ShippingEasy plugin within your Pricefalls store.

IMPORTANT: These keys are specific to the ShippingEasy integration with your Pricefalls Marketplace store. Do not share them with outside parties.

3. Installing and Configuring the Pricefalls ShippingEasy Plugin

Go to and sign into your Pricefalls store. Now navigate to the App Store using the left-hand menu (puzzle piece icon) or go to
plugins/search?app_name=ShippingEasy. Locate the ShippingEasy plugin and click View Details.


Click Install.


Familiarize yourself with the End-User License Agreement and click Submit to install the plugin.


Next, configure your installation by filling in the API Key, API Secret, and Store API Key. Click Save Settings.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed the ShippingEasy plugin for your Pricefalls store.

4. Conclusion

The Pricefalls App Store provides sellers with a variety of free and commercial plugins that provide easy third-party integration with just a few clicks. For questions about existing or future plugins, please call us at (866) 503-9799 ext. 4 or email

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